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In the digital era, people love showing off pictures with their lovely pets and sharing them online.

Do you want your pics to stand out from the crowd and make the world jealous?

A great photo needs great props. That’s the reason why Dogily’s matching outfit will be a wardrobe must have! There is no other brand like Dogily which offers luxury pet accessories in timeless colors, seasonless silhouettes and trusty fabrics at such an affordable price. Wearing a Dogily piece is beyond showing off your furiendship, but also a form of expressing your style and identity! 

Dogily's Customers

Pet-and-me Stories


I like their idea that matching outfits and jewelry should not be limited to mom and child or couples, but DOG and ME. My dog and I wear Dogily’s matching jewelry as our everyday accessories. This makes me feel so connected to my furry one even at work. He’s always with me! And their scarf color is very easy to match with my daily working outfits. Sometimes we can both be chic in the black-and-white style while sometimes we dress elegantly in beige color. It makes my day so much fun. 


I absolutely adore the designs of their products!!! I feel like it is so hard to find quality products in designs that match my closet for my dog & I. And I have never expected that a brand is making this matching idea happen. More importantly, they are made of good quality and very beautiful-looking design. I can easily mix and match Dogily’s items with my own wardrobe. It saves so much time and of course, money! 


Everytime when my dog puts on clothes, he will start feeling uncomfortable and tug at the clothes to get them off. Dogily’s silk bandana is very thin and light, making it very skin-friendly to wear. My dog feels like wearing nothing and is so happy in it. He really enjoyed wearing it around! If you are looking for a quality piece that your baby dog will love, choose Dogily! 

That's Why We Created

Dogily is unlike any other pet accessories brand you have ever tried before. 

It is the ONLY brand in the world that provides an array of fabulous fashion items for devoted pet owners to mix and match with their pets. Every item is made of the highest quality materials and designed to be timeless and elegant at a surprisingly good price. 

From an elegant beige look to a chic black-and-white look, you can easily achieve an eye-catching look with your pets!

For fashionable pet parents, now your furry friends are able to share that style with you!

How does it bring benefits?

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