At Dogily, dressing well is a right for all.  

We believe our furry friends deserve quality petwears. Frustrated at a lack of premium options in the marketplace, our founder Cindy decided to take it into her own hands.  

Dogily is committed to sourcing the finest materials and creating accessories that are chic yet timeless. We create fashion-forward items for both humans and their beloved pets so they can wear matching outfits together. The world needs to see the bond between you and your pets, and you should show them.



Dogs can be just as much a fashionista as us. 

We are a team of passionate pet lovers who believe in giving our dogs the best. Our elegantly designed, modern accessories bring out the uniqueness in women and their pets.


You and your dogs deserve the very best.  

Each Dogily piece is made with one thing in mind: to strengthen your bond with your dog and making the both of you feel great! Our team is obsessed with seeking out the highest quality materials for devoted pet owners like you. Each timeless item is made with only the very best textiles and elements, approved by both pups and their humans.


You won’t find any fast-fashion pieces at Dogily. 

 We believe that being truly stylish can only be done without causing harm to our planet Earth. This is why we work with manufacturers to solely develop products with sustainable materials. Our products are durable, and packaging is made with recyclable materials. 


WE BELIEVE sharing is caring, and this makes a better society! Animals have taught us so much and its only right to give back. We’re proud to be partners with i=Change for our community initiative.

For every order we receive, we will donate 1USD of the sales to a charity at your own choice. Our team also regularly volunteers at dog shelters as part of Dogily’s employee volunteer initiatives.