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Dogily knows that your pooch is anything but a pet-they are a pal. Your pal. Founded in 2021 by a devoted dog mom Cindy, Dogily is the world’s first pet and human accessory brand that combines style, sustainability, values, and comfort. The brand offers exquisite jewelry, scarves, and hair scrunchies that satisfy pups and owners of all preferences.


Dogily’s designs are carefully constructed with high quality materials and the finest textiles, such as silk. Each item is chic and timeless, ensuring that every purchase will last a lifetime. Created to capture the intimacy of human and pet relationships, each item is designed to ensure that a fur baby can and will always match their beloved owner. 


The brand knows you can be fashionable (and so can your pets!) without causing harm to the environment. All items are handmade and are carefully constructed. All products are packaged with non-plastic materials, causing zero harm to Mother Earth. 


Dogily doesn’t just care about the relationship between you and your pet. It cares about communities around the world that are less fortunate. Every order received equates to a dollar donated to i=Change which contributes to the development of women and girls in the developing world and wild animal protection initiatives. 


So many products, so little time! If you’re shopping around for an unforgettable treat for yourself, your dog, or a friend or family member, look no further. Here are some of our favorite products:



Be the coolest and chicest dog mom around! The necklace and collar tag combo represent the inseparable bond between owner and pet. A simple yet sophisticated pendant style heart necklace and heart cut out tag are composed of shiny and strong stainless steel and 14K PVD gold, with a precious cubic zirconia stone. Its PVD gold is 10 times thicker than your average gold plated jewelry, so you can be sure that it’s a long lasting material that will also be able to stand up to an active pooch’s daily routine. 

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Utterly glam, the Tyra set is ultra-versatile, comfortable, and attention grabbing. Off set your braid or bun fabulously, and wrap this soft silk scarf around your fluffy pup’s neck, creating a cute bandana. Layer your hair with an additional scrunchie for a Boho chic look and feel as you leisurely tote your pup around town.

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A special treat for your doggie, this unique tag stands out. Let them get all the attention or accessorize your own outfit with its playful matching butterfly pendant necklace. A butterfly is so fitting for this special tag, because our pets are wild but sweet, interesting, and carefree-just like a beautiful butterfly.

Dogily knows that bonds between pets and their owners are something to celebrate. Each of their high quality items will delight and accessorize you and your doggie with ease. Shop with peace of mind knowing that you don’t just get something beautiful to wear, but are donating to a good cause and doing your part to stay green and clean!

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Lillia Butterfly Shape Best Friend Set | 14K Gold Necklace & Pet Tag | Pet Accessories - DogilyLillia Butterfly Shape Best Friend Set | 14K Gold Necklace & Pet Tag | Pet Accessories - Dogily
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Lillia Best Friend Set

$69.99 $131.98
Elin Heart Shape Best Friend Set | 14K Gold Necklace & Pet Tag | Pet Accessories - DogilyElin Heart Shape Best Friend Set | 14K Gold Necklace & Pet Tag | Pet Accessories - Dogily
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Elin Best Friend Set

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Pet accessories | Square scarf | Woman and dog bond happily wearing Dogily Collins Square Scarf and scrunchie in Black CheckeredPet accessories | Scrunchie Scarf |Dogily Collins Bundle Set Black Checkered, including square scarf, scrunchie, and slim hair scarf
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Collins Set

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