Dogily Launched The First Collection That Redefines Fashion Aesthetics

United States, October 2022 - [Dogily] It is time to upgrade your dog's style from cute to chic! This is the belief on which Dogily, the world’s first premium silk pet accessories brand, was founded upon. 

Currently, the market of luxury pet fashion is being underserved. For pet owners who are looking for high quality pet fashion items for their beloved furry friends, choices are limited. Seeing this, Dogily was launched by a group of obsessive pet lovers in 2021 aiming to revolutionise the pet fashion industry.

Dogily serve as a one-stop destination for pet owners to look for high quality matching accessories for their pets and themselves. What makes Dogily’s products stand out from the crowd is their compatibility for not only pets but their owners as well. Fashion is no longer limited to humans but pets. "Happy dogs and dog moms in style!“ By wearing Dogily’s matching accessories together with their beloved pets, owners can now show the world their intimate bond in style! 

Say ‘No’ to the thick rough polyester/nylon-made pet bandanas! Concerned about the poor quality of pet accessories in the market, Dogily promise to only serve the finest quality items and hence the debut collection is made of the luxurious and velvety-soft natural fabric - Silk, offering pet owners and their pets the softest touch. Dogily guarantee to provide you the weightless, thin and skin-friendly ones that every pet will feel comfortable and fall in love with.  

At the same time, sustainability is a crucial part of Dogily’s identity. Dogily solely uses sustainable materials which are eco-friendly in production to reduce waste and pollutants. Outside of providing new insights to the fashion world, Dogily is taking the initiative in making an impact on society and the world by partnering with i=Change to donate 1USD of every sale to women, environmental and animal projects.

Dogily’s Signature Silk Collection

Dogily’s ultra-soft silk collection features timelessly elegant designs of hair scarf, scrunchie, and square scarf naming “Tyra”, “Serene” and “Collins”. The three patterns are uniquely-designed by Dogily’s in-house designers after months of researching and drafting offering you the most evergreen and graceful design ever.


The Collins square scarf is the signature and best-selling print in Dogily’s silk collection. Inspired by the 70s plaid fashion, the criss-cross geometric design is a timeless piece to dress up or down. 



Leopard print is making a return at Dogily. Tyra pattern is redesigned in larger, minimal leopard prints. The balance between wilderness and elegance makes it easy to wear.   



The Serene pattern is refined to a two-tone diagonal stripe design, a timeless and simple color combination with endless styling options. 

About Dogily

At Dogily, we believe our furry friends deserve quality petwears. Dogily is a team of pet-lovers committed to sourcing the finest materials and creating matching accessories that are chic yet timeless.


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