Silk Care

When it comes to cleaning silk, many people are afraid of taking care of such a delicate fabric. But that actually isn’t the case. Silk can be easily washed at home by hand. Simply follow our do-able guide!

Before You Wash:

We’d recommend using detergent with words like “silk wash” and “delicates”. Washing machine detergent and bleach will be too harsh on silk fibres so it’s always a big no.


  1. Prepare a bucket of cold water and add a small amount of silk wash.
  2. We’d recommend washing one piece at a time. Fully immerse your silk fabric in cold water.
  3. Gently swirl it around with your hands. Leave it to bathe for 5-10 mins.
  4. Rinse your silk with cool clean water until it is no longer soapy.
  5. Place the wet silk in between a white towel, gently press to remove excess water. Never twist or wring silk because the fragile silk fibers will break.
  6. Lay it flat on a clothes horse or hanger to let it dry naturally. 

Wrinkles & Creases:

Most wrinkles in silk can be steamed out, either by a steamer or hanging in a steamy bathroom. If you don’t have a steamer, ironing is another method to keep your pieces wrinkle-free.

Additional tips when using iron:

  • Make sure you are ironing the backside of your silk. Set the iron to low heat or the silk setting. 
  • Place a clean towel or pillowcase between the silk and iron to protect the fabric. 
  • Do not spray or wet silk while ironing, or water stains may develop.


For everyday storage, hang silk items on fuzzy hangers to prevent them from slipping. 

Silk creases easily if you store it folded or bunched up. For long-term storage, it’s best to hang it inside breathable fabric bags to keep it wrinkle-free; avoid packing in airtight plastic bags. Store it in cool, dry places without direct sunlight to avoid colour fading.