How to Give Your Puppy His/Her Best Birthday Ever

Our dogs are our everything. At the same time, we are their everything as well. This is exactly why when it comes to celebrating an all-important day like their birthday, anything short of the best is inexcusable. Luckily, there are plenty of fun and easy ways to make the day memorable. So in preparation for your doggy’s birthday, we have prepared a guideline for you here so that you won’t miss a beat when the celebration starts.


Full Spa Treatment

There will be plenty of Kodak moments throughout the day and your dog should look its very best whenever you snap a picture! Before the festivities begin, give him/her a nice warm bath so that there won’t be any grime that was collected on its fur previously. Make sure not to scrub too hard and just form small, firm circles while getting your dog soapy. It’ll be just like a massage for them.


Birthday Treats

Getting treats for being a good boy/girl is always going to be a highlight of every dog’s day. With that in mind, there is no better way to show that they are the best than treating them to a ton of their favorite treats! If possible, try to give them some that are organic if you haven’t done so already.


Birthday Cake

The pièce de resistance of any birthday is of course the cake! There are many shops that sell ready-made cakes that are suitable for dogs so you can pick one up from them. However, to show your dog even more love, you can bake one yourself. Puppy cake mixes can be brought online and are simple to make so even if you don’t have the baking experience you can still do it. Best of all, you can decorate it as much as you like to show your puppy love.


Party of Friends

It wouldn’t be much of a party if you don’t have friends around. Go invite some of his/her friends over and celebrate together! If you never had a bunch of doggy guests before it’s okay to start small. There is nothing wrong with having a more intimate party.


The Perfect Gift

Beautiful clothes and accessories aren’t exclusive for just people! Our pets have just as much right to look pretty as well. Which is why the perfect birthday gift would be a high-quality Dogily accessory set for both him/her and yourself. What better way to make an entrance to your own party than to be dressed in your very best and have matching cloth ware as your best friend?! Just don’t forget to take plenty of pictures to commemorate the day.