Finest Quality Like No Other

Here at Dogily, we choose to work with silk. Silk has made its mark in the fashion industry for being one of the most luxurious, coveted fabrics in the world. Nothing quite compares to silk’s natural sheen and effortless elegance, but its properties extend far beyond its timeless look. 

It's Biodegradable.

Silk is naturally derived from the cocoons of silkworms. Being a natural fiber, silk can be decomposed by bacteria over time. Signs of biodegradation appear after about 4 years - which is 50 times faster than synthetic materials.

It's Naturally Hypoallergenic.

The protein sericin found in silkworm cocoons is naturally designed to repel allergens like mildew, mold, fungi and dust mites, which happen to be the common irritants to both humans and dogs. When woven into fabric, silk helps to ease skin sensitivities as the same properties that protect the cocoons will protect us too!

It's a Temperature Controller.

Silk is a natural heat controller; stay cool when it’s hot, stay warm when it’s cool. It can be worn in different weather and keep your temperature consistent all year round.

It's Soft and Lightweight.

Composed of tightly-woven, smooth fibers that are incredibly soft and lightweight. The smooth texture in silk does not rub against your skin, reducing irritation and flare ups on sensitive or fragile skin.

It's Strong and Durable.
Silk fiber is extremely strong and resilient. Slower fashion means investing in pieces that can last a lifetime. Silk is definitely a fabric that is bought with a long term relationship.

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